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Please be advised that the 14 oz. size is no longer avaiable.

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Used in First Response Emergency Marine Rescue Opertions


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STAY AFLOAT® Instant Water Leak Plug & Sealant    

Stay Afloat is a patent pending EMERGENCY and non-emergency boat damage control product designed to instantly help stop leaks in boats and marine fittings. It is the most simple and effective material for stopping water intrusion on a boat. Applied directly from the container, in one part, there is no waiting or mixing required.

RESTER À FLOT EN CAS D’URGENCE Colmatage instantané et bouchon d’étanchéité contre les fuites

Bloque sur-le-champ l’entrée de l’eau - Se moule facilement aux trous, interstices et fissures

Aucun mixage - Une seule étape d’application

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Non-Toxic        Non- Hazardous        Environmentally Friendly   

"I consider this just as essential as required safety items".
20 year veteran, Marine Fire & Rescue Officer

Made in the USA

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